Bradley Shende

Human Centered Technology and Social Impact Leadership


A natural Nerd-to-English translator, Bradley has also worked to build the world he inhabits. A pioneer in online and mobile-based digital content, he produced one of the first TV shows in North America to offer a live streaming component and helped create a mobile content production platform that was subsequently sold to Research In Motion. As a demystifier of tech he became an accomplished commentator on emerging technologies, disruptive innovation, consumer electronics, and digital media.

This success catapulted his career into a perfect marriage of his production and communication skills to become the Executive Producer and Host of ConnectedLife. Years before YouTube made online video ubiquitous, ConnectedLife was produced from a small Vancouver studio and quickly syndicated by Global Television, Shaw, Discovery’s, HowStuffWorks, and iTunes, reaching over 50 million viewers. Regarded as one of North America’s technology experts, Bradley appeared as a panelist on networks including CTV, Global, CNN, NBC and as keynote speaker at conferences around the world. 

Throughout Bradley’s twenty-five years analyzing technology’s progress, this pundit turned-entrepreneur frequently used his creative expertise to solve complex problems for Fortune 500 Companies and startups big and small. As a digital media consultant he has produced strategies that have converted into hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue, one such strategy yielded tens of millions within hours. 

This hard work and dedication has made him the proud recipient of five Telly, two Summit Awards, the Coca Cola Living Positively Award, a TEDx Speaker, the 2013 Merging Media Award winner, a Brandon Hall digital education award, the 2008 NFF Innovator of the Year Award,  2014 Canadian Screen Academy Nominee, an AMA award as well as a Muse Award.

In 2015, realizing the world didn’t need another smart phone (or blogger talking about one) he began to take his passion for technological impact and pull focus towards social impact. He then had the honour of working and training with Al Gore on Climate Leadership, Helping build-up the Green Party in BC and Canada, Co-Founding an Indigenous Business Accelerator, Creating a Think Tank on sustainable economic development, and thus embarked upon a new journey towards deeper systemic change. 

Today he continues to spread his passion for demystifying complex systems, building bridges and bringing people together. His infectious passion stimulates us to embrace a possibility where new systems are collectively understood so we can head fearlessly into a future that is equitable, inclusive and outright fun. 


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Bradley and his kids running from the AT-AT’s on Hoth