Innovation isn’t complicated

and change is not scary.




A Creative Technologist and Storyteller, Bradley Shende blends complex ideas with simple explanations. A natural nerd-to-english translator, Bradley has also built the world he inhabits. Bradley was a pioneer in online and mobile-based content, helping create a mobile broadcasting platform that was subsequently sold to Research In Motion. He is also an accomplished commentator on media theory, emerging technologies, technological disruption, futurism, human systems and social impact.


Throughout Bradley’s 25 years of experience producing digital and multimedia projects, this pundit turned-entrepreneur frequently used his creative expertise to solve problems for Fortune 500 Companies and has now towards human-centred technologically supported social impact projects.



“Bradley has two very unique skillsets that come together in a media professional quite rarely. The first around being able to find, define, refine and give voice to those stories that need telling. The second is to find the right mix of creative, technology and advisory roles and input for a project to succeed. When you have a great story that must be told and requires a team to make it happen, I would consider starting here.”

Bradley is an incredible mentor to our members. Always engaging, and one of the most helpful (and friendly!) mentors that I’ve ever encountered, he has added a world of value to our organization, and to the Vancouver tech community as a whole.

Bradley has an ability to explain the complex details of new technology and trends in a manner that makes things sound so simple. He is a strong on his feet in front of a crowd, a TV camera or in a boardroom. I highly recommend Bradley and look forward to working with him again in the future.


Bradley is by far one of the most professional and passionate individuals I have ever met, which he incorporates into every aspect of his role.

Knows his stuff. Knows how to mobilize and deliver. All with a smile on his face. The real deal.


Bradley is an energetic force to be reckoned with. In the 3+ years I have worked with him, he continues to amaze me with his passion and creative vision.

“This guy knows it all instinctively and can boil down complicated processes into visual concepts that are simple to grasp and effective at communicating their message.”


“I can say – without any exaggeration – that he is the smartest and most creative individual in our organization. He is a very strategic thinker – both in terms of what’s best for our company as well as what’s best for our clients – and always seems to be two or three steps ahead of the rest of us. I have lost count of the number of client opportunities and product ideas that he has spearheaded and brought into the company.”

Bradley is an energetic force to be reckoned with. In the years I have worked with him, he continues to amaze me with his passion and creative vision.